Spending Less on Sewer Repairs

Most people believe drain and sewer issues have to be an invasive process, which may include damaging services and ultimately lead to higher costs of renovations and repairs.  However, this is untrue.

The style of sewer repair services we offer at Ice Age Mechanical suits the fast-paced society we currently live in; we do our job without inconveniencing anyone or disrupting services.

Suitable for both business owners and homeowners, here are four proven ways of reducing sewer repair costs.

Avoid DIYs

No matter how tempted you are, do not attempt to fix drainage issues on your own.  First, the safety of most over-the-counter drain cleaners have not been proven yet, and most times, they only conceal the underlying issue, and in the end, you will be left with high sewer repair costs, alongside an accumulation of harmful chemicals that coat your drain.

Work with a Company that Understands your Area

A plumbing company you will work with should have a good understanding of your area, as well as your community needs.  At Ice Age Mechanical, we pride ourselves as one of the best service providers to all areas of Fort McMurray.

Thus, we understand how their pipeline systems are structured, alongside the features that ensure they function throughout the year

Know the exact needs of your property

Every property has its specific requirements that must be addressed in the course of a sewer repair process.  The sewer systems of each community use various materials and are of various ages.

Thus, it is important to understand the peculiarity of each, as this helps to know the best way to approach the sewer repairs in properties present in such communities.  The first step is usually a quick and easy sewer camera inspection, which serves to identify the kind of materials the system uses, and the issues associated with it.

Routine Maintenance

Trenchless technologies, when used in the maintenance of pipelines, ensures that your sewer system stays healthy while removing all signs of repairs. They are also cheap and safe, and they include hydro jetting and pipe relining.

A regular application of the hydro jetting technique will ensure that you do not have to do any sewer repair for a long time.

Our team of experts at Ice Age Mechanical are always available to handle all your plumbing needs, from evaluation to eventual fixing that will get your pipes and plumbing systems back to normal in no time.