How We Fix Frozen Pipes at Ice Age Mechanical

Apart from humans, properties, especially house hardware, also feel the harshness of winter, with the freezing, thawing, and the persistent presence of water.  And one of the implications of the severe weather on properties is frozen pipes. But here is the good news – Ice Age Mechanical is always available to solve all your winter-related troubles, including frozen pipes.  All you need to do is give us a call!

What to Do

If you ever find one of your faucets failing to turn out water, or only turning out a thin trickle during winter, here is what to do: simply leave the faucet open. It is common for frozen pipes to exist along outer walls, and if you suspect a single frozen pipe, quickly wrap a towel around it and then pour boiling water over it.  Alternatively, you may apply a heating pad to the pipe.

Home Maintenance

We have compiled some troubleshooting tips that will fend off winter-related conditions, including frozen pipes.  They include:

  1. Keeping it warm:  If your faucets are off for a very long time –for several days – ensure that your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are left open.  This is to ensure that the area under the sink and water pipe gets some warmer air.  You may also leave the faucet half-way on so that the slow drips coming out discourage freezing.
  2. Maintain an Updated Insulation: A seasonal reinforcement of your insulation offers great benefits.  During the first onset of the cold weather, you can check around your property and see the areas that are not properly insulated.  By fixing these areas, there is more uniform insulation, and this keeps your pipes unfrozen while keeping your heating costs down.
  3. Be Specific: Install water pipe-specific products in such sections where your pipe is exposed.  These products include pipe sleeves and heat tapes.  If it is an emergency, you can use a newspaper of a quarter-inch size to wrap your pipe, as this offers much insulation until your plumber arrives.
  4. Outdoor Fixtures: Do not keep water hoses outdoors – drain them and store them indoors.  The same applies to sprinkler lines, but ensure that you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Do not underestimate frozen pipes, while you may see them as just an inconvenience, and they can escalate easily by bursting.  If you need further help, call us at Ice Age Mechanical, and we will send our competent team down to fix your pipelines and have them back to normal as soon as possible.