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It is almost impossible to avoid a leak in water pipes. However, the best thing to do when you suspect one or confirm one is to invite a skilled licensed plumber immediately, to prevent any severe damage. At Ice Age Mechanical, we are always available during business hours, and we will be on site as soon as you put a call through to us.  If there is the need, we can schedule after-work hours to perform a comprehensive leak detection process on your property.

While you can prevent leaks effectively through routine maintenance of your pipelines, unusual situations may arise, and in such cases, your water main breaks or other unexpected incident occurs.  Broken water mains are capable of causing leaks that remains undetected, subsequently causing a spike in water bills, or mould mildew and rot.  Proper routine plumbing maintenance can avert all these.

How to detect faulty water main lines

You can easily identify some types of leaks because they cause severe water damages.  However, you may need to watch out for some signs to detect others.  Here are some ways to confirm leaking water main:

  • Unusual and inexplicable changes in the water bill or water meter readings.
  • The growth of mildew or mould
  • Visible water spots on walls and ceilings
  • Foundation cracks

These and others indicate broken or cracked water pipes, and such must be immediately fixed to avoid further damages and subsequently high maintenance costs.  At Ice Age Mechanical, we offer proven expertise and years of experience in working on and providing excellent and lasting solutions to broken water mains.

Trenchless, Non-Invasive Water Pipes Inspections

At Ice Age Mechanical, we take pride in our ability to provide trenchless and non-invasive water main repair and leak detection services to residential and commercial properties.  Our team of experienced and qualified plumbers are capable of detecting, locating, and assessing the source of the leaks, using the camera inspection method.  Whatever the problem is, our detection methods ensure that your properties are not destroyed. The diagnostic process involves the use of a high-definition camera, which is inserted into the pipeline to assess the function and water pipe flow.

After a successful inspection, we discuss the best possible repair options with you, in line with the results of our diagnoses. One of the methods we frequently recommend to our client is trenchless pipelining, due to its effectiveness and affordability.

Trenchless Pipe Lining

In Trenchless Pipe Lining, we do not engage in any form of digging, either through your landscape or infrastructure.  Instead, we begin by cleaning the inside of the pipeline in the bid to get it ready for lining.  Then we proceed by soaking wool and PVC felt liner in an epoxy resin.  The resin is inserted into the pipe via an existing access point.  As soon as these are inside the pipe, we inflate the sleeve using hot, pressurized air, and the emerging inflated resin moulds to the inside rim of the existing water pipe, thus hardening into a new pipe.  Filling the new water pipe cracks and breaks, and in turn, provides a smooth and new interior.

Benefits of Trenchless Water Pipe Repairs for Fort McMurray Businesses and Residences

At Ice Age Mechanical, we ensure the use of only non-hazardous epoxy resins, which in turn hardens into water pipes that lasts for about fifty years, without harming the environment or the infrastructure.  The anti-corrosive properties of the water pipe, coupled with their resistance to tree roots make them the best fit for customers seeking to avoid future repairs since they do not cause costly damages to properties.

Clients can get to save a significant amount of money by using this option, and it can be completed faster, compared to the conventional repairs, that takes longer.

Get in touch with us today to know more about water main inspections and repairs suitable for your homes or businesses. 

When you bring us in, you are assured of excellent services at highly competitive prices, as well as an extensive guaranty on all fittings used.  Contact Ice Age Mechanical today, and we will be glad to schedule an appointment with you or provide you with a free quote on your main water lines.