Drain cleaning

Apart from the frustration that comes with an overflowing toilet or a blocked kitchen sink – due to clogs – they also render the environment unsafe and dirty.  We understand this better than our competitors at Iceland Mechanical. Thus, we have gathered a multifaceted team capable of delivering excellent and reliable drain cleaning solutions for your homes and offices.

Our services are not only fast but also ensures that your landscape and infrastructure remains intact, without necessarily having to upset your budget.  Over the years, we have developed a glowing reputation as a reliable professional plumbing solutions provider across Fort McMurray, and in the Wood Buffalo area.

Whether residential or commercial properties; homeowner, business owner, or both, we have you covered.  Call us in and have your blocked pipes flowing smoothly again!

 What You Get When You Use Our Professional Drain Cleaning Services

As fully qualified and professional plumbing solutions provider, we do not use harmful chemicals, and we ensure safety when using our snaking tools.  Liquid drain cleaners may be options for other drain cleaning service providers, however, at Ice Age Mechanical, we avoid them – they offer a temporary fix, and ultimately damage the inside of your pipelines.

We also usually advise our clients not to engage in DIY for their drain cleaning services; a little mistake can end up breaking or fracturing a pipe.  Using professional drain cleaning services like ours ensures that your fittings are handled by expert plumbers, who will provide only thorough and lasting plumbing solutions through safe methods, without any damages.

We first assess the situation, with the aim of understanding the underlying cause of the clog.  Then, we proffer the best solutions to the plumbing issue in line with the location and the type of the clog.  By using a hi-resolution mini-camera, we can get our eyes inside your pipes, giving us a clearer view of the problem.

High-Pressure Hydro Jetting In Fort McMurray

Only fewer techniques clean a drain safely and efficiently like the Hydro jetting techniques. Hydro jetting uses a pressurized, high-powered stream of water to flush the interior of your pipes, and with so much power, even the toughest of clogs are not spared, likewise tree root infiltrations.

By using an existing access point called a clean out, we ensure that your surrounding properties are kept safe in the process.  Once the water is of the desired pressure, our technicians releases it, blasting it through the pipe in a stream of massive speed, such that it removes everything in its path.

Other Drain Cleaning Solutions In Fort McMurray

While hydro jetting remains the best option whenever possible, there are other effective conventional drain cleaning solutions, including power-rodding and snaking.  However, it is not advisable to snake on your own; you may end up damaging your pipeline.

During power-rodding, a device is introduced into the drain, which in turn clears the clog. The device – small razors – are attached to the end of the snake or rod, and then inserted into the drain to dig out and disintegrate the clogs.   This is in contrast to clogging, which involves the dislodging or pulling of the source of the clog.

Both methods – clogging and power-rodding – are capable of removing tough blockages, although they both have their unique benefits.

How Frequently Should I Clean My Drain Lines?

Over time, we have discovered that the best means of avoiding clogs and other plumbing problems is to practice routine maintenance and inspection, i.e., regularly checking on your pipes.

After prolonged use, it is normal for hair, grease, and debris to build up, which ultimately leads to persistent clogs.  And if not treated in time, they turn into catch basins for things that should only pass through the pipeline, while becoming harder to disintegrate.    Likewise, when foreign objects are allowed into the drain frequently, it eventually leads to a greasy buildup.  Lastly, tree roots are capable of breaking through pipes, and this ultimately creates clogs that can be very tough to eliminate.

Ice Age Mechanical Is The Best Choice For Hydro Jetting And Drain Line Cleaning Services In Wood Buffalo Area

The service areas we cover include Fort McMurray, Timberlea, Thickwood, Abasand, Beacon Hill, Gregoire, Prarie Creek, Saprae Creek, Fort McKay and Anzac.

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